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  • The monitoring of induction motor starting transients with a view to early fault detection. 

    Elder, Stewart (The Robert Gordon University School of Engineering, 1992-03)
    ELDER, S., WATSON, J. F. and THOMSON, W. T., 1989. Fault detection in induction motors as a result of transient analysis. 4th IEE International Conference on Electrical Machines. London. pp. 182-184
    ELDER, S., WATSON, J. F. and THOMSON, W. T., 1989. The monitoring and analysis of transient currents for the purpose of fault detection in induction motors.. 24th Universities Power Engineering Conference (UPEC). Belfast.
    ELDER, S., WATSON, J. F. and THOMSON, W. T., 1990. The analysis of transient currents in induction motors for the purpose of detecting motor faults.
    The aim of this work is to investigate the possibility of detecting faults in a 3 phase Induction motor by monitoring and analysing the transient line current waveform during the starting period. This is a particularly ...
  • A sensory system for robots using evolutionary artificial neural networks. 

    Reddipogu, Ann (Robert Gordon University School of Engineering., 2006-08)
    The thesis presents the research involved with developing an Intelligent Vision System for an animat that can analyse a visual scene in uncontrolled environments. Inspiration was drawn both from Biological Visual Systems ...