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  • The characterisation and identification of body fluid proteins for forensic purposes. 

    Vincini, Louisa (The Robert Gordon University Department of Pharmacy and Life Sciences, 2010-06)
    VINCINI, L., LIN, P. K. T., WILSON, T. and MCINTOSH, L., 2008. Identification of body fluids using 2D gel electrophoresis. Poster presentation at Joint conference of the Forensic Science Society with the Centre for Forensic investigation, University of Teeside & Body Fluids Forum. University of Teeside Middlesborough. April 2008.
    VINCINI, L., MCCURRY, J. and WILSON, T., 2008. A comparison of saliva detection methods. Poster presentation at 4th National FORREST Conference 2008. Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen. July 2008.
    Advances in DNA technology have led to the extremely sensitive and rapid analysis methods used in forensic science. It can often be crucial to a criminal case to unequivocally identify the body fluid source of DNA. This ...