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  • Complexity management for video encoders. 

    Zhao, Yafan (Robert Gordon University School of Engineering, 2004-03)
    Software implementation of block-based video coding standards has been used in a wide range of applications. In many cases, such as real-time multimedia systems or power-constrained systems, the coding performance of ...
  • Complexity management of H.264/AVC video compression. 

    Kannangara, Chaminda Sampath (The Robert Gordon University School of Engineering, 2006-10)
    The H. 264/AVC video coding standard offers significantly improved compression efficiency and flexibility compared to previous standards. However, the high computational complexity of H. 264/AVC is a problem for codecs ...
  • A new video quality metric for compressed video. 

    Bhat, Abharana Ramdas (Robert Gordon University School of Engineering, 2012-02)
    Video compression enables multimedia applications such as mobile video messaging and streaming, video conferencing and more recently online social video interactions to be possible. Since most multimedia applications are ...