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  • Aesthetic experience and action in participatory art. 

    Wallace, Christopher (The Robert Gordon University Gray's School of Art, 2008-02)
    The purpose of this study is to explore the diverse ways that aesthetic experience is tested by participatory art. The study will show the part played by participatory action in changing the conditions in which aesthetic ...
  • Art as a narrative of alterity. Part 1: Prolegomenon, appendices, and bibliography. Part 2: Books. 

    Grassom, Brian James (The Robert Gordon University Gray's School of Art, 2006-11)
    There is a close relationship between art and philosophy. From time to time, philosophy attempts to make art its theme. Invariably it has to acknowledge the very qualities of art that it seeks to explain - art’s elusiveness ...
  • The arts as a means of cultural integration: a Chilean case study 

    Rodriguez-Remedi, Alejandra (The Robert Gordon University Gray's School of Art, 2007-11)
    How might the arts help to unveil and integrate realities so as to facilitate shared meanings and understandings between peoples and thus generate the conditions for the participatory, creative cultural diversity which ...