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  • The molecular mechanisms of diabetes mediated impaired wound healing and the development of therapeutic strategies. 

    Gadad, Pramod C. (The Robert Gordon University School of Pharmacy and Life Sciences, 2011-01)
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    GADAD, P. C., MATTHEWS, K. H. and KNOTT, R. M., 2010. Effect of lyophilised wafer discs containing silymarin on the migration of microvascular endothelial cells. UK-PharmSci 2010 - The Science of Medicine. 1-3 September 2010. Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology, 62 (10), pp. 1264
    Increased levels of blood glucose are associated with the vascular complications of diabetes. Microvascular complications lead to delayed wound healing in patients suffering from diabetes. Hypoxia and hyperglycaemia ...