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  • Whole life costing in construction: a state of the art review. 

    Kishk, Mohammed; Al-Hajj, Assem; Pollock, Robert; Aouad, Ghassan; Bakis, Nick; Sun, Ming (RICS, 2003)
    KISHK, M., AL-HAJJ, A., POLLOCK, R., AOUAD, G., BAKIS, N. and SUN, M., 2003. Whole life costing in construction: a state of the art review. RICS Research Paper Series, 4 (18)
    This report is a state of the art review of whole life costing in the construction industry. It is the first of a series reporting on-going research undertaken within the research project ‘Developing An Integrated Database ...
  • Whole life costing optimisation with integrated logistics support considerations. 

    Bouachera, Taoufik (Robert Gordon University Scott Sutherland School of Architecture & Built Environment, 2012-06)
    It has long been recognised that, in the military sector, the Integrated Logistics Support ILS can significantly enhance system effectiveness and add value to their competitiveness. Hence, it is not surprising that many ...
  • Wind Turbine Maintenance Optimisation: principles of quantitative maintenance optimisation 

    Andrawus, Jesse A.; Watson, John; Kishk, Mohammed (Multi-Science Publishing Co. Ltd., 2007-03)
    ANDRAWUS, J. A., WATSON, J. and KISHK, M., 2007. Wind turbine maintenance optimisation: principles of quantitative maintenance optimisation. Wind Engineering, 31 (2), pp. 101-110
    Maintenance optimisation is a crucial issue for industries that utilise physical assets due to its impact on costs, risks and performance. Current quantitative maintenance optimisation techniques include Modelling System ...