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  • Dimension-specific search for advanced applications. 

    Zi, Huang; Shen, Heng Tao; Song, Dawei; Li, Xue; Rueger, Stefan (Springer, 2009-03)
    HUANG, Z., SHEN, H. T., SONG, D., LI, X. and RUEGER, S., 2009. Dimension-specific search for multimedia retrieval. In: X. ZHOU et al., eds. Database Systems for Advanced Applications: 14th International Conference, DASFAA 2009, Brisbane, Australia, April 2009, Proceedings. 21-23 April 2009. Berlin: Springer. pp. 693-698.
    Observing that current Global Similarity Measures (GSM) which average the effect of few significant differences on all dimensions may cause pos- sible performance limitation, we propose the first Dimension-specific ...
  • Document re-ranking by generality in bio-medical information retrieval. 

    Yan, Xin; Li, Xue; Song, Dawei (Springer, 2005)
    YAN, X., LI, X. and SONG, D., 2005. Document re-ranking by generality in bio-medical information retrieval. In: A. NGU, M. KITSUREGAWA, E. NEUHOLD, J.-Y. CHUNG and Q. SHENG. Eds. Web Information Systems Engineering – WISE 2005: 6th International Conference on Web Information Systems Engineering, New York, NY, USA, November 20-22, 2005; Proceedings. Berlin: Springer. pp. 376-389.
    Document ranking is well known to be a crucial process in information retrieval (IR). It presents retrieved documents in an order of their estimated degrees of relevance to query. Traditional document rank- ing methods ...