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  • Investigation of mesophilic Aeromonas: response to hydrogen peroxide and role in false-positive Colilert reaction. 

    Landre, Julien B. P. (The Robert Gordon University School of Pharmacy and Life Sciences, 1999-05)
    GAVRIEL, A. A., LANDRE, J. P. B. and LAMB, A. J., 1998. Incidence of mesophilic Aeromonas within a public drinking supply in North-East Scotland. Journal of Applied Microbiology, 84, pp. 383-392
    LANDRE, J. P. B., GAVRIEL, A. A. and LAMB, A. J., 1998. False-positive coliform reaction mediated by Aeromonas in the Colilert defined substrate technology system. Letters in Applied Microbiology, 26, pp. 352-354
    Mesophilic Aeromonas are opportunistic human pathogens which produce a wide range of virulence factors and have been isolated from both untreated and chlorinated drinking waters. The presence of these microorganisms in ...