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  • Industrial relations in the North Sea oil and gas industry 1965-1995. 

    Gourlay, Douglas (The Robert Gordon University Department of Management, 1998-11)
    GOURLAY, D, 1996. Industrial relations on offshore installations. In: R. H. FLIN and G. SLAVEN, eds. Managing the offshore installation workforce. Tulsa, OK: Pennwell Books. pp. 195-217.
    GOURLAY, D., 1996. Labour processes in the Norwegian and British Sectors of the North Sea oil and gas industry. Paper presented at Fourteenth annual International Labour Process Conference. 29th-31st March 1996. Aston University, Birmingham.
    GOURLAY, D., 1997. Paying for the piper: capital and labour in Britain's offshore oil industry (book review). Petroleum Review Vol 51, February.
    This thesis analyses the reasons why the system of industrial relations on the United Kingdom continental shelf is very different from that which prevails both onshore and on the Norwegian continental shelf, where the ...
  • An investigation of the effect of the European currency union (euro) on sectoral trade: an application of the gravity model of trade. 

    Awa, Ruth (Robert Gordon University Department of Accounting and Finance, 2015-04)
    The introduction of the single currency (Euro) in Europe has been referred to as the ‘world’s largest economic experiment’ and has led to major research on the effects of the adoption of a common currency on economic ...
  • The validity of biodata as a selection tool within the Scottish accountancy profession 

    Gammie, Elizabeth Black Anderson (The Robert Gordon University Department of Accounting and Finance, 1998-12)
    The aim of this thesis was to critically evaluate whether biodata could be used as a valid tool in the pre-selection process of trainee chartered accountants. Biographical details of recently qualified accountants who ...