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  • Factors impacting on technology acceptance for the micro/SME electronics retailer. 

    Connon, Neil G. (The Robert Gordon University Department of Marketing, 2007-12)
    The UK micro/SME (known here as SME) retail sector is very important to the economic well being of the country. Its ability to generate jobs as well as income makes it a key part of the drive towards economic growth, and ...
  • Flying in the face of environmental concern: why green consumers continue to fly. 

    McDonald, Seonaidh; Oates, Caroline J.; Thyne, Maree; Timmis, Andrew J.; Carlile, Claire (Taylor & Francis., 2015-08)
    MCDONALD, S., OATES, C. J., THYNE, M., TIMMIS, A. J. and CARLILE, C., 2015. Flying in the face of environmental concern: why green consumers continue to fly. Journal of Marketing Management, 31 (13-14), pp. 1503-1528.
    Some unsustainable consumer behaviours have proved extremely hard to change or even challenge. Despite the fact that flying can be more damaging than any other activity that an individual can undertake, many otherwise ...
  • The influencing effect of socialization agents on male children’s sportswear choice decisions: a study of 8-11 year old male reactions to mother versus peers. 

    Mackie, Grace E. (Robert Gordon University Department of Communication, Marketing and Media., 2014-05)
    Academics, educationalists and parents have all expressed increasing concern about targeting and marketing towards children, particularly to those within the age group of eight to thirteen, and identified as tweenagers. ...
  • Means-end theory in tourism research. 

    McDonald, Seonaidh; Thyne, Maree; McMorland, Leigh-Ann (Elsevier., 2008-04)
    MCDONALD. S., THYNE, M. and MCMORLAND, L-A., 2008. Means-end theory in tourism research. In: Annals of Tourism Research, 35 (2), pp. 596-599.