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  • Event and map content personalisation in a mobile and context-aware environment. 

    Bierig, Ralf (The Robert Gordon University School of Computing, 2008-04)
    GOKER, A., MYRHAUG, H. I. and BIERIG, R., 2009. Context and information retrieval In: A. GOKER and J. DAVIES, eds. Information retrieval: searching in the 21st century. Wiley.
    BIERIG, R. and GOKER, A., 2006. Time, location, and interest: an empirical and user-centred study. First symposium on information interaction in context (IIiX). Copenhagen. ACM Press
    BIERIG, R., 2005. Personalisation and adaptation of content in an ambient and context-aware environment. Doctoral forum of the 5th International Conference on Conceptions of Library and Information Sciences (CoLIS). Glasgow.
    GOKER, A., YAKICI, M., BIERIG, R. and MYRHAUG, H. I., 2004. A context-sensitive information system for mobile users (demo). SIGIR Workshop on Information Retrieval in Context (IRiX). Sheffield.
    GOKER, A., WATT, S., MYRHAUG, H. I., WHITEHEAD, N., YAKICI, M., BIERIG, R., NUTI, S. K. and CUMMING, H., 2004. An ambient, personalised, and context-sensitive information system for mobile users. Second European Symposium on Ambient Intelligence. Eindhoven.
    Effective methods for information access are of the greatest importance for our modern lives – particularly with respect to handheld devices. Personalisation is one such method which models a user’s characteristics to ...
  • From Alice to BlueJ: a transition to Java 

    Rey, Jeanette S. (The Robert Gordon University School of Computing, 2009-06)
    The teaching of introductory courses in computing has seen several changes over the last decade. These changes not only affected the curricula when the emphasis was shifted from Imperative (also Procedural) to Object-Oriented ...
  • Introspective knowledge acquisition for case retrieval networks in textual case base reasoning. 

    Chakraborti, Sutanu (Robert Gordon University School of Computing Science and Digital Media., 2007-08)
    Textual Case Based Reasoning (TCBR) aims at effective reuse of information contained in unstructured documents. The key advantage of TCBR over traditional Information Retrieval systems is its ability to incorporate ...
  • What is the influence of genre during the perception of structured text for retrieval and search? 

    Clark, Malcolm John (Robert Gordon University School of Computing Science and Digital Media, 2014-10)
    This thesis presents an investigation into the high value of structured text (or form) in the context of genre within Information Retrieval. In particular, how are these structured texts perc ...
  • You have e-mail, what happens next? Tracking the eyes for genre. 

    Clark, Malcolm John; Ruthven, Ian; Holt, Patrik; Song, Dawei; Watt, Stuart (Elsevier, 2014-01)
    CLARK, M., RUTHVEN, I., HOLT, P. O’B., SONG, D. and WATT, S., 2014. You have e-mail, what happens next? Tracking the eyes for genre. Information Processing & Management, 50 (1), pp. 175-198.
    This paper reports on an approach to the analysis of form (layout and formatting) during genre recognition recorded using eye tracking. The researchers focused on eight di erent types of e-mail, such as calls for papers, ...