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  • 36 units: exhibition of 36 intaglio prints 

    Dunbar, Lennox (1999)
    DUNBAR, L., 1999-2000. 36 units: exhibition of 36 intaglio prints. Intaglio.
    36 Units was an exhibition of 36 Intaglio Prints that were constructed from over 200 plates. The exhibition was accompanied by a full colour catalogue, which included a critical review by Lindsay Gordon, director of Peacock ...
  • Delicate Structures and Centre Spot. 

    Dunbar, Lennox (2005-04)
    DUNBAR,L., 2005. Delicate Structures and Centre Spot (2005) (2 artworks)
    I was one of two British artists selected to participate in this international exhibition of contemporary printmaking in Cremona, Italy. Artists were selected by the scientific committee of the A.D.A.F.A. Invitation was a ...
  • An examination of the physical and temporal parameters of post-physical printmaking practice: exploring new modes of collaboration, distribution and consumption resulting from digital processes and networked participation. 

    Thompson, Paul (Robert Gordon University Gray's School of Art, 2014-02)
    This research was initiated by questions raised from the researcher’s professional activities in fine art printmaking and examines, through contextualised artistic practice and critical enquiry, redefinitions in the physical ...
  • The Hungary Series 

    Dunbar, Lennox (, 2009-09)
    The Hungary Series A series of 45 digital prints that were shown at the Municipal Museum of Art in Gyor Hungary. This solo exhibition was the result of winning a major award at “ Matrices 2007” an International ...
  • Paintings 07-08. 

    Dunbar, Lennox (, 2008)
    DUNBAR, L., 2007. Paintings 07-08. Panter and Hall Gallery, Mayfair, London, June - July 2008.
    Invited by Panter and Hall to produce a body of new paintings for a solo exhibition. A full-colour catalogue was produced in conjunction with the exhibition which was held from June to July 2008.
  • A Scottish Tale / The Inevitable 

    Dunbar, Lennox (, 2005)
    A Scottish Tale / The Inevitable (2005) ‘School Days; Cafeteria Plan’ touring exhibiton including Center for Book Arts, New York; Murphy Foster Gallery Louisiana; Anderson Arts Center Kenosha Wisconsin and other venues throughout the USA.
    Invited by publisher Benjamin Rinehart from The Center of Book Arts in New York to participate in a limited edition (35 copies) print portfolio titled School Days: Cafeteria Plan. The print submitted was in a three dimensional ...
  • A sense of place. 

    Dunbar, Lennox (2003-10-16)
    Dunbar, L. (2003) A Sense of Place. (10 paintings) in: ‘Six Royal Scottish Academy Artists’, University of Central Florida, USA. Oct 16 – Dec 5.
    Lennox Dunbar’s work in both Painting and Print is made through a process of constructing and deconstructing, building and dismantling, to evoke and embody the nature of change – to reflect and reveal in an associative way ...
  • Visual Ecologies of Remote Cultures. 

    Dunbar, Lennox (, 2007-05)
    DUNBAR, L., 2007. Visual Ecologies of Remote Cultures (2007) (a body of paintings) in: Solo exhibition, Open Eye, Edinburgh, May 2007;100 years of Scottish Painting; Panter and Hall Gallery, London, Feb 2007