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  • Antimicrobial wafers as a novel technology for infection control in chronic wounds. 

    Labovitiadi, Olga (Robert Gordon University School of Pharmacy and Life Sciences, 2011)
    Bacterial contamination and persistent infection is a common cause of impaired wound healing. Generally, non-healing wounds display similar physiological features with regards to mixed bacterial flora, ischemia and production ...
  • Evaluation of the practice of veterinary pharmacy. 

    O'Driscoll, Noelle H.; Labovitiadi, Olga; Lamb, Andrew (Elsevier, 2015-09)
    O’DRISCOLL, N. H., LABOVITIADI, O. and LAMB, A. J., 2015. Evaluation of the practice of veterinary pharmacy. Currents in Pharmacy Teaching and Learning, Vol. 7 (5), pp. 606-613.
    Background In the United Kingdom (UK), pharmacists’ roles have expanded considerably in recent decades to encompass clinical practice through more direct patient care. However, dispensing and compounding remain core ...