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  • Evolution and devolved action: towards the evolution of systems. 

    Macleod, Christopher; McMinn, David; Reddipogu, Ann; Capanni, Niccolo Francesco; Maxwell, Grant M. (Robert Gordon University, 2001)
    MACLEOD, C., MCMINN, D., REDDIPOGU, A. B., CAPANNI, N. F. and MAXWELL, G. M., 2001. Evolution and devolved action: towards the evolution of systems. In: Appendix B of MCMINN, D. Using evolutionary artificial neural networks to design hierarchical animat nervous systems, Ph. D. thesis. Aberdeen : Robert Gordon University.
    The Artificial Neural Networks group at the Robert Gordon University has, over the last six years, built up considerable knowledge and practical experience in Evolutionary Artificial Neural Networks. This experience ...
  • A sensory system for robots using evolutionary artificial neural networks. 

    Reddipogu, Ann (Robert Gordon University School of Engineering., 2006-08)
    The thesis presents the research involved with developing an Intelligent Vision System for an animat that can analyse a visual scene in uncontrolled environments. Inspiration was drawn both from Biological Visual Systems ...
  • Using orthogonal arrays to train artificial neural networks. 

    Viswanathan, Alagappan (The Robert Gordon University School of Engineering, 2005-10)
    The thesis outlines the use of Orthogonal Arrays for the training of Artificial Neural Networks. Such arrays are popularly used in system optimisation and are known as Taguchi Methods. The chief advantage of the method is ...