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  • Pharmacist services for non-hospitalised patien ts 

    de Barra, Mícheál; Scott, Claire L.; Scott, Neil W.; Johnston, Marie; de Bruin, Marijn; Nkansah, Nancy; Bond, Christine; Matheson, Catriona I.; Rackow, Pamela; Williams, A. Jess; Watson, Margaret C. (Cochrane Collaboration, 2018-09-04)
    DE BARRA, M., SCOTT, C.L., SCOTT, N.W., JOHNSTON, M., DE BRUIN, M., NKANSAH, N., BOND, C.M., MATHESON, C.I., RACKOW, P., WILLIAMS, A.J. and WATSON, M.C. 2018. Pharmacist services for non-hospitalised patients. Cochrane database of systematic reviews [online], Issue 9, article number CD013102. Available from:
    Background: This review focuses on non-dispensing services from pharmacists, i.e . pharmacists in community, primary or ambulatory-care settings, to non-hospitalised patients, and is an update of a previously-published ...