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  • Altering a fixed identity: thinking through improvisation. 

    Douglas, Anne (University of Guelph, 2012)
    DOUGLAS, A., 2012. Altering a fixed identity: thinking through improvisation. Critical Studies in Improvisation. [online] 8 (2). Available from: [Accessed 18 August 2014]
    "Replacing artist with player as if adopting an alias is a way of altering a fixed identity. And a changed identity is a principle of mobility, of going from one place to another…" (Kaprow, Essays on the Blurring of Art ...
  • Artist as leader. [Film] 

    Davie, Emma (Edinburgh College of Art, 2008-01-31)
    DAVIE, E. [2008]. Artist as leader. [Film]. Edinburgh: Edinburgh College of Art.
    Artist as Leader posed the questions: "what does leadership mean to artists," and "can artists be leaders?" The research formed a partnership between Performing Arts Labs, London, Cultural Enterprise Office, Glasgow and ...
  • The artist as leader: research report. 

    Douglas, Anne; Fremantle, Chris; Performing Arts Labs; Cultural Enterprise Office; Scottish Leadership Foundation (Robert Gordon University, 2009)
    DOUGLAS, A. and FREMANTLE, C.; with Performing Arts Labs, Cultural Enterprise Office, Scottish Leadership Foundation, 2009. The artist as leader: research report. Aberdeen: Robert Gordon University.
  • The discourse of cultural leadership. 

    Price, Jonathan (Robert Gordon University Faculty of Design and Technology. Gray's School of Art., 2016-02)
    PRICE, J.F.R. 2016. The discourse of cultural leadership. Robert Gordon University, PhD thesis.
    Cultural leadership has been a key concept in cultural policy and training since 2002. Most closely associated with the UK’s Clore Leadership Programme, it has been developed through various courses and initiatives ...
  • The graphic line-'an event in its own material'. 

    Douglas, Anne; Ravetz, Amanda (University of Southern Denmark, 2014-11-19)
    DOUGLAS, A. and RAVETZ, A. 2014. The graphic line-'an event in its own material'. Presented at the making traces symposium, 19-22 November 2014, Odense, Denmark.
    Amanda Ravetz is a film maker and anthropologist. Anne Douglas is a visual artist with a background in sculpture. For the past couple of years, they have been collaborating together as associates in Tim Ingold's research ...
  • Owning failure: insights into the perceptions and understandings of art educators. 

    Fremantle, Chris; Kearney, Gemma (John Wiley & Sons Ltd, 2015-10)
    FREMANTLE, C. and KEARNEY, G., 2015. Owning Failure: Insights Into the Perceptions and Understandings of Art Educators. International Journal of Art and Design Education, Vol 34 (3), pp 309-318.
    Failure forms an important dimension of art and design and is inherent in creative endeavours. This article explores current literature on failure in the art and design context and offers a contribution through qualitative ...