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  • Drillers' cognitive skills monitoring task. 

    Roberts, Ruby Clyde; Flin, Rhona; Cleland, Jennifer; Urquhart, Jim (Sage, 2018-05-10)
    ROBERTS, R.C., FLIN, R., CLELAND, J. and URQUHART, J. 2018. Drillers' cognitive skills monitoring task. Ergonomics in design [online], Online First. Available from:
    Drilling incidents have emphasized that offshore drillers require a high level of cognitive skills, including situation awareness and decision making, to maintain safe and efficient well control. Although a number of tools ...
  • User interface design for situation-aware decision support systems. 

    Nwiabu, Nuka D.; Allison, Ian K.; Holt, Patrik; Lowit, Peter; Oyeneyin, Babs (IEEE, 2012)
    NWIABU, N., ALLISON, I., HOLT, P., LOWIT, P. and OYENEYIN, B., 2012. User interface design for situation-aware decision support systems. In: IEEE Multi-disciplinary Conference on Cognitive Methods in Situation Awareness and Decision Support. 6-8 March 2012. Piscataway, New Jersey: IEEE. Pp. 332-339.
    Information recall about general situations incurs memory and cognitive loads on operators. Recognition of information for specific situations identified with users’ context and the state of the world is helpful to ...
  • Using the organizational and narrative thread structures in an e-book to support comprehension. 

    Sun, Yixing (The Robert Gordon University School of Computing, 2007-08)
    Stories, themes, concepts and references are organized structurally and purposefully in most books. A person reading a book needs to understand themes and concepts within the context. Schank’s Dynamic Memory theory suggested ...