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  • An approach to evolvable neural functionality. 

    Capanni, Niccolo Francesco; Macleod, Christopher; Maxwell, Grant M. (Springer, 2003)
    CAPANNI, N., MACLEOD, C. and MAXWELL, G., 2003. An approach to evolvable neural functionality. In: O. KAYNAK, E. ALPAYDIN, E. OJA and L. XU, eds. Artificial neural networks and neural information processing – supplementary proceedings ICANN/ICONIP 2003. 26-29 June 2003. Istanbul, Turkey. pp. 220- 223.
    This paper outlines a neural model, which has been designed to be flexible enough to assume most mathematical functions. This is particularly useful in evolutionary networks as it allows the network complexity to increase ...
  • The functionality of spatial and time domain artificial neural models 

    Capanni, Niccolo Francesco (The Robert Gordon University School of Engineering, 2006-08)
    This thesis investigates the functionality of the units used in connectionist Artificial Intelligence systems. Artificial Neural Networks form the foundation of the research and their units, Artificial Neurons, are first ...