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  • Incremental growth in modular neural networks. 

    Macleod, Christopher; Maxwell, Grant M.; Muthuraman, Sethuraman (Elsevier, 2009-06)
    MACLEOD, C., MAXWELL, G. M., and MUTHURAMAN, S., 2009. Incremental growth in modular neural networks. Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence, 22 (4/5), pp. 660-666.
    This paper outlines an algorithm for incrementally growing Artificial Neural Networks. The algorithm allows the network to expand by adding new sub-networks or modules to an existing structure; the modules are trained using ...
  • Multivariate Markov networks for fitness modelling in an estimation of distribution algorithm. 

    Brownlee, Alexander Edward Ian (The Robert Gordon University School of Computing, 2009-05)
    A well-known paradigm for optimisation is the evolutionary algorithm (EA). An EA maintains a population of possible solutions to a problem which converges on a global optimum using biologically-inspired selection and ...