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  • Maintenance optimisation for wind turbines. 

    Andrawus, Jesse A. (The Robert Gordon University The Robert Gordon University, School of Engineering, 2008-04)
    Wind is becoming an increasingly important source of energy for countries that ratify to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases and mitigate the effects of global warming. Investments in wind farms are affected by ...
  • Optimisation of wind turbine inspection intervals. 

    Andrawus, Jesse A.; Watson, John; Kishk, Mohammed; Gordon, Heather (Multi-Science Publishing., 2008-10)
    ANDRAWUS, J. A., WATSON, J., KISHK, M. and GORDON, H., 2008. Optimisation of wind turbine inspection intervals. Wind Engineering, 32 (5), pp. 477-490.
    The choice of correct inspection intervals poses a serious challenge to industries that utilise physical assets. Too short an interval increases operational cost and waste production time while too long an interval increases ...
  • Wind Turbine Maintenance Optimisation: principles of quantitative maintenance optimisation 

    Andrawus, Jesse A.; Watson, John; Kishk, Mohammed (Multi-Science Publishing Co. Ltd., 2007-03)
    ANDRAWUS, J. A., WATSON, J. and KISHK, M., 2007. Wind turbine maintenance optimisation: principles of quantitative maintenance optimisation. Wind Engineering, 31 (2), pp. 101-110
    Maintenance optimisation is a crucial issue for industries that utilise physical assets due to its impact on costs, risks and performance. Current quantitative maintenance optimisation techniques include Modelling System ...