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  • Network practices and entrepreneurial growth. 

    Anderson, Alistair R.; Dodd, Sarah Drakopoulou; Jack, Sarah L. (Elsevier, 2010-06)
    ANDERSON, A. R., DODD, S. D. and JACK, S., 2010. Network practices and entrepreneurial growth. Scandinavian Journal of Management , 26 (2), pp. 121-133.
    Networking plays an important and well-studied role in entrepreneurial start-up processes, but its role in subsequent venture growth is less well understood. This paper reports on an in-depth longitudinal study of ...
  • Strategic orientation and organizational performance of small firms in Malta: a grounded theory approach. 

    Rizzo, Alexander (Robert Gordon University Department of Management, 2011-04)
    Although the contribution of the small enterprise to a nation’s economy, job creation and innovation is well known, comparatively little is understood on how small firms behave strategically and how the more common ...