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  • Racial formations: South Africa. 

    Mueller-Hirth, Natascha (Cengage (EMEA) LTD, 2013-02-15)
    MUELLER-HIRTH, N. 2013. Racial formations: South Africa. In Mason, P.L. (ed.) Encyclopedia of race and racism. 2nd ed, vol 3. Andover: Cengage Ltd.
    South Africa became a democratic, non-racial state in 1994. The first democratic elections were preceded by fifty years of legislated racial domination. Apartheid (separateness in Afrikaans) involved racial segregation in ...
  • South African voices. 

    Brewer, John D.; Hayes, Bernadette C.; Teeney, Francis; Dudgeon, Katrin; Mueller-Hirth, Natascha; Wijesinghe, Shirley Lal (Palgrave Macmillan, 2018-06-15)
    BREWER, J.D., HAYES, B.C., TEENEY, F., DUDGEON, K., MUELLER-HIRTH, N. and WIJESINGHE, S.L. 2018. South African voices. In Brewer, J.D., Hayes, B.C., Teeney, F., Dudgeon, K., Mueller-Hirth, N. and Wijesinghe, S.L. The sociology of everyday life peacebuilding. London: Palgrave Macmillan [online], chapter 3, pages 103-154. Available from:
    This chapter gives voice to our sample of South African victims and explains the South African sample of victims. The chapter begins with a history of South Africa and the development of policies of racial segregation under ...