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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Supervisor(s)
May-2010Waste management policies for industrial symbiosis development: case studies in European countries.Costa, Ines; Massard, Guillaume; Agarwal, Abhishek-
2014Waste to want: polymer nanocomposites using nanoclays extracted from oil based drilling mud waste.Adegbotolu, Urenna V.; Njuguna, James; Pollard, Pat; Yates, Kyari-
Feb-2013Water dynamics inside a cathode channel of a polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell.Hossain, Mamdud; Islam, Sheikh Zahidul; Colley-Davies, Amy; Adom, Ebenezer-
Apr-2010Weight loss and cholesterol lowering in the elderly.Rolland, Catherine; Broom, Iain-
2012Weight loss and ethnicity: a cohort study of the effects induced by a very low calorie diet.Rolland, Catherine; Hallam, Claire; Lula, Sadiq; Wiggins, John; Dyson, Lee; Van Gaal, Luc F.; Broom, Iain-
Oct-2013Weight loss for individuals with type 2 diabetes following a very-low-calorie diet in a community-based setting with trained facilitators for 12 weeks.Rolland, Catherine; Lula, S.; Jenner, C.; Dyson, Lee; Macdonald, I.; Johnston, Kelly L.; Broom, Iain-
Jun-2011Well engineering concepts to make methane gas hydrate exploitation affordable.Stewart, DavidPower, Laurie
Apr-2009What is a priority?Spicker, Paul-
Oct-2014What is the influence of genre during the perception of structured text for retrieval and search?Clark, Malcolm JohnWatt, Stuart; Goker, Ayse; Harper, David; Holt, Patrik; Ruthven, Ian
2004What's in a name? The revealing use of noms de plume in women's correspondence to daily newspapers in Edwardian Scotland.Pedersen, Sarah-
Sep-2006When is the artist a creative leader? : a provisional framework.Douglas, Anne; Fremantle, Chris-
Jun-2007Where in the world: a study of user preferences as to virtual environments for information access.MacLennan, Alan-
2003Whole life costing in construction: a state of the art review.Kishk, Mohammed; Al-Hajj, Assem; Pollock, Robert; Aouad, Ghassan; Bakis, Nick; Sun, Ming-
Jun-2012Whole life costing optimisation with integrated logistics support considerations.Bouachera, TaoufikKishk, Mohammed; Power, Laurie
Mar-2007Wind Turbine Maintenance Optimisation: principles of quantitative maintenance optimisationAndrawus, Jesse A.; Watson, John; Kishk, Mohammed-
May-2008Windows and mirrors: reflections of a module team teaching the arts in nurse education.McKie, Andrew; Adams, Violet; Gass, John P.; Macduff, Colin-
May-2002Within their sphere? Women correspondents to Aberdeen daily newspapers 1900-1914.Pedersen, Sarah-
Jan-2004Within their sphere? Women's correspondence to Aberdeen daily newspapers, 1900-1918.Pedersen, SarahSmith, Myrtle Anderson; Head, Michael; Reid, Peter H.
Mar-2010Writing and publishing qualitative research: some basic advice for early career scholars.Smith, Robert-
Jan-2014You have e-mail, what happens next? Tracking the eyes for genre.Clark, Malcolm John; Ruthven, Ian; Holt, Patrik; Song, Dawei; Watt, Stuart-
Showing results 1024 to 1043 of 1047
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