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  • mHealth optimisationfor education and physical activity in type 1 diabetes: MEDPAT1. 

    Hall, J.; Stephen, K.; Croall, A.; MacMillan, J.; Murray, L.; Wiratunga, Nirmalie; Massie, Stewart; MacRury, S. (University of Highlands and Islands/RGU/Diabetes Scotland, 2017-03-08)
    HALL, J., STEPHEN, K., CROALL, A., MACMILLAN, J., MURRAY, L., WIRATUNGA, N., MASSIE, S. and MACRURY, S. 2017. mHealth optimisation for education and physical activity in Type 1 diabetes: MEDPAT1. Presented at the Diabetes UK professional conference 2017, 8 - 10 March 2017, Manchester, UK.
    Aims: To develop and evaluate usability of prototype personalised prediction algorithms for people with Type 1 diabetes to optimise blood glucose control associated with physical activity using smart phone technology. To ...