Recent Submissions

  • Future textile visions: smart textiles for health and wellness. 

    Malins, Julian Paul; Steed, Josie; Fairburn, Susan Marie; Robertson, Sara; McIntyre, Lisa; Cruickshank, Leila; Scott, Kirsty (Robert Gordon University., 2012)
    A report prepared for the Scottish Government on behalf of the Scottish Academy of Fashion, which examines the potential of new textiles solutions for health applications. Following a Sandpit event hosted by the Scottish ...
  • c4di Project Evaluation Report. 

    Malins, Julian Paul (Robert Gordon University., 2012-05)
    The purpose of this review is to evaluate the work of the center for Design and Innovation, an ERDF and SEEKIT funded project established by the Robert Gordon University in October 2008. The project aimed to assist SMEs ...
  • Research procedures/methology for artists & designers. 

    Gray, Carole; Malins, Julian Paul (Centre for Research in Art & Design, Gray's School of Art, Robert Gordon University., 1993)
    This paper attempts to put into context the issues which surround the endeavours of researchers working in the field of Art and Design, in particular the philosophy and context of research procedures / methodologies. ...
  • Developing a research procedures programme for artists & designers. 

    Gray, Carole; Douglas, Anne; Leake, Irene; Malins, Julian Paul (The Centre for Research in Art & Design, Gray's School of Art, Robert Gordon University., 1995)
    This paper builds on our earlier research concerned with describing a contextual framework for the development of ‘artistic research procedures’1, 2, and attempts to move forward from this somewhat philosophical stage ...
  • The artist as leader: research report. 

    Douglas, Anne; Fremantle, Chris; Performing Arts Labs; Cultural Enterprise Office; Scottish Leadership Foundation (Robert Gordon University, 2009)

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