Recent Submissions

  • Working in public: art, practice and policy. [Project website] 

    On the Edge Research (, 2007-12-31)
    ON THE EDGE RESEARCH. [2008] Working in public: art, practice and policy [online]. Available from
    The partners for this project were Suzanne Lacy, Public Art Resource + Research Scotland, the Scottish Arts Council and On the Edge together with the four venues in the four major Scottish cities, The Foyer (Aberdeen), CCA ...
  • Remote rural culture and contemporary art. 

    On the Edge Research (On the Edge Research, 2016-07-05)
    ON THE EDGE RESEARCH. 2005. Remote rural culture and contemporary art [online]. Available from:
    Five project partners responsible for cultural development in remote rural places offered their particular challenges, opportunities, expertise and experience to a shared learning space developed by the researchers who ...
  • Maakin Lab. [Project website] 

    Douglas, Anne (On the Edge Research, 2004-12-31)
    DOUGLAS, A. (ed.) 2004. Maakin Lab [online]. Available from:
    The Maakin Lab project was developed in partnership with the Shetland College Department of Textiles and Design, On the Edge research and artist Susan Benn of PAL. The research challenge offered up by the project partners ...
  • Artist as leader (2007-09). 

    On the Edge Research (On the Edge Research, 2013-11-26)
    ON THE EDGE RESEARCH. 2009. Artist as leader (2007-09) [online]. Available from:
    Artist as Leader posed the questions What does leadership mean to artists? Can artists be leaders? The research formed a partnership between Performing Arts Labs, London, Cultural Enterprise Office, Glasgow and the Cultural ...
  • LAGI Glasgow. [Project website] 

    Land Art Generator Initiative (, 2016-07-29)
    LAND ART GENERATOR INITIATIVE. LAGI Glasgow [online]. Available from:
    LAGI Glasgow is demonstrating the potential for artists, designers and architects to contribute to renewable energy infrastructure and integrate it into a place-making approach. The project will undertake research and ...