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  • Just fatherlands? Judging the Shoah in Strasbourg. 

    Lyons, Carole (Hart, 2015-03-26)
    LYONS, C. 2015. Just fatherlands? Judging the Shoah in Strasbourg. In Kochenov,D., de Búrca, G. and Williams, A. (eds.) Europe's justice deficit? Oxford: Hart, pages 381-399. Available from:
    The primary preoccupation of this chapter is an examination of how Europe's highest human rights court works through the enduring effects of the 'moral catastrophe' of the Holocaust. The issue of the role of past inhumanity ...
  • The justification of punishment. 

    Christie, Sarah (W. Green., 2001)
    CHRISTIE, S., 2001. The justification of punishment. In: S. CHRISTIE, Inchoate crimes : incitement, conspiracy and attempts in Scottish criminal law. Edinburgh: W. Green. Chapter 8.
  • Law across borders: introduction. 

    Arnell, Paul (Routledge, 2011-12-02)
    ARNELL, P. 2012. Law across borders: introduction. In Arnell, P. Law across borders: the extraterritorial applicaton of United Kingdom law. Abingdon: Routledge, pages 1-22.
    This book examines the application of UK Criminal and Human Rights Law to people and circumstances outside the United Kingdom. Building upon previous analyses which have focused on a single aspect of extraterritorially, ...
  • Private international law. 

    Hill, David (Edinburgh University Press, 2014-10-31)
    HILL, D. 2014. Private international law. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press.
    Your guide to the conflicts and harmonies between private international law and UK and Scots law EU law has greatly influenced national law in Scotland, the UK and the rest of Europe. As a result, private international law ...
  • The protection of possession in Scots law. 

    Anderson, Craig (Edinburgh University Press, 2014)
    ANDERSON, C., 2014. The protection of possession in Scots law. In: E. DESCHEEMAEKER ed. The consequences of possession. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press. Pp. 111-140.