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  • The discourse of cultural leadership. 

    Price, Jonathan (Robert Gordon University Gray's School of Art, 2016-02)
    Cultural leadership has been a key concept in cultural policy and training since 2002. Most closely associated with the UK’s Clore Leadership Programme, it has been developed through various courses and initiatives ...
  • Gas permeation study using ceramic membranes. 

    Kajama, Mohammed; Nwogu, Ngozi Claribelle; Gobina, Edward (Canadian Centre of Science and Education, 2014-07-11)
    A 6000 nm ceramic membrane was repaired with boehmite solution (ALOOH) through the repeat dip-coating technique. The permeance of hydrogen (H2) and carbon dioxide (CO2) were obtained through the membrane in relation to ...
  • Gas permeation behaviour of single and mixed gas components using as asymmetric ceramic membrane. 

    Nwogu, Ngozi Claribelle; Gobina, Edward (World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology (WASET), 2015)
    A dip-coating process has been used to form an asymmetric silica membrane with improved membrane performance and reproducibility. First, we deposited repeatedly silica on top of a commercial alumina membrane support to ...
  • Effect of nanofillers on low energy impact performance of sandwich structures with nanoreinforced polyurethane foam cores. 

    Sachse, Sophia; Poruri, Manohar; Silva, Francesco; Michalowski, S.; Pielichowski, Krzysztof; Njuguna, James (Sage, 2014-03-31)
    Sandwich panels were fabricated with nanoclay-filled polyurethane foams and glass fiber-reinforced polyamide and polypropylenes face sheets. Nanoclay-filled foam cores, with organophilic montmorillonite loadings of 0–10 wt%, ...
  • Effect of fibre configurations on mechanical properties of flax/tannin composites. 

    Zhu, J.; Njuguna, James; Abhyankar, H.; Zhu, Huijun; Perreux, D.; Thiebaud, F.; Chapelle, D.; Pizzi, A.; Sauget, A.; de Larminat, A.; Nicollin, A. (Elsevier, 2013-08-02)
    Flax reinforced tannin-based composites have a potential to be used in vehicle applications due to the environmental advantages and good mechanical properties. In this paper, the effects of fibre configuration on mechanical ...
  • Case-base maintenance with multi-objective evolutionary algorithms. 

    Lupiani, Eduardo; Massie, Stewart; Craw, Susan; Juarez, Jose M.; Palma, Jose T. (Springer, 2015-09-21)
    Case-Base Reasoning is a problem-solving methodology that uses old solved problems, called cases, to solve new problems. The case-base is the knowledge source where the cases are stored, and the amount of stored cases is ...
  • Analysis of indoor climate and occupants' behaviour in traditional Scottish dwellings. 

    Herrera-Gutierrez-Avellanosa, Daniel; Bennadji, Amar (Elsevier, 2015-12-30)
    Due to the relevance of the internal boundary conditions and the lack of specific data for the Scottish context, an exploration of the internal environment of traditional dwellings is needed. In this study the indoor climate ...
  • An experimental investigation into localised low-velocity impact loading on glass fibre-reinforced polyamide automotive product. 

    Mouti, Zakaria; Westwood, Keith; Long, Darren; Njuguna, James (Elsevier, 2013-04-03)
    In the automotive industry, more and more engineered parts are shifting from metals to engineering plastics. However localised impact loading and long term ageing effects of under-the-hood plastic components is not well ...
  • An alternative design for electrostatically accelerated ion beam fusion. 

    Macleod, Christopher; Gerrard, Claire E. (British Interplanetary Society, 2015-11-01)
    Inertial Electrostatic Confinement (IEC) is an alternative approach to nuclear fusion which uses electrostatically accelerated ions instead of hot plasmas. The best known device that utilises the principle is the ...
  • A practitioner reflection on teaching computer ethics with case studies and psychology. 

    Heron, Michael James; Belford, Pauline Helen (Oxford Brookes University, 2015-09-01)
    Three issues complicate teaching computer ethics in an undergraduate course. The first relates to the often technically intensive knowledge required to fully understand the complexity of real world examples. The second ...
  • An Empirical study of neural network-based audience response technology in a human anatomy course for pharmacy students. 

    Fernandez-Aleman, Jose Luis; Lopez-Gonzalez, Laura; Gonzalez-Sequeros, Ofelia; Jayne, Chrisina; Lopez-Jimenez, Juan Jose; Carrillo-de-Gea, Juan Manuel; Toval, Ambrosio (Springer, 2016-01-27)
    This paper presents an empirical study of a formative neural network-based assessment approach by using mobile technology to provide pharmacy students with intelligent diagnostic feedback. An unsupervised learning algorithm ...
  • Cross-layer topology design for network coding based wireless multicasting. 

    Vien, Quoc-Tuan; Tu, Wanqing; Nguyen, Huan X.; Trestian, Ramona (Elsevier, 2015-09-09)
    This paper considers wireless multicast networks where network coding (NC) is applied to improve network throughput. A novel joint topology and cross-layer design is proposed to maximise the network throughput subject to ...
  • A prognostic decision model for offshore wind turbines maintenance. 

    Sinha, Yashwant; Steel, John A. (Multi-Science / Sage, 2015)
    Frequent unscheduled random maintenance activities have significantly increased the operating cost of Offshore Wind Turbines (OWT). These activities account for ~65% of the overall OWT maintenance costs or 23% of the ...
  • Failure prognostic schemes and database design of a software tool for efficient management of wind turbine maintenance. 

    Sinha, Yashwant; Steel, John A. (Multi-Science / Sage, 2015)
    Wind Turbines require numerous and varied types of maintenance activities throughout their lifespan, the frequency of which increases with years in operation. At present the proportion of maintenance cost to the total cost ...
  • A SMART software package for maintenance optimisation of offshore wind turbines. 

    Sinha, Yashwant; Steel, John A.; Andrawus, Jesse A.; Gibson, Karen (Multi-Science / Sage, 2013)
    Offshore Wind Turbine (OWT) maintenance costs in between 20 - 35% of the lifetime power generation cost. Many techniques and tools that are being developed to curtail this cost are challenged by the stochastic climatic ...
  • Significance of effective lubrication in mitigating system failures – a wind turbine gearbox case study. 

    Sinha, Yashwant; Steel, John A.; Andrawus, Jesse A.; Gibson, Karen (Multi-Science / Sage, 2015)
    The effectiveness of lubrication in machines mainly depends on the physical and chemical properties of lubricating oil, like quantity, level of suspended particles, effect of external load/shear forces, temperature amongst ...
  • Characteristics of electroluminescence phenomenon in virgin and thermally aged LDPE. 

    Bani, Nurul Aini; Abdul-Malek, Z.; Ahmad, H.; Muhammad-Sukki, Firdaus; Mas’ud, Abdullahi Abubakar (AIP Publishing, 2015)
    High voltage cable requires a good insulating material such as low density polyethylene (LDPE) to be able to operate efficiently in high voltage stresses and high temperature environment. However, any polymeric material ...
  • Metaphors in design: how we think of design expertise. 

    Gulari, Melehat Nil (Athabasca University Press, 2015-12)
    GULARI, M.N., 2015. Metaphors in design: How we think of design expertise. Journal of Research Practice, Vol. 11 (2), Article M8.
  • 50 years of architectural techology. 

    Paterson, Graham J.; Kouider, Tahar (Adjacent Digital Politics Ltd., 2015)
    As the Chartered Institute of Architectural Technologists celebrates its 50th anniversary, Graham Paterson MCIAT and Tahar Kouider MCIAT summarise how the organisation is embracing and developing BIM.
  • Comparative analysis of relevance feedback methods based on two user studies. 

    Akuma, Stephen; Iqbal, Rahat; Jayne, Chrisina; Doctor, Faiyaz (Elsevier, 2016-07)
    Rigorous analysis of user interest in web documents is essential for the development of recommender systems. This paper investigates the relationship between the implicit parameters and user explicit rating during their ...

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