Recent Submissions

  • Daring to be different: a dialogue on the problems of getting qualitative research published. 

    Smith, Robert; Anderson, Alistair R. (Edward Elgar, 2007)
    Qualitative methodologies continue to proliferate in social sciences such as sociology and anthropology. Yet, despite this uptake they currently exist on the margins of entrepreneurship research. Indeed, Rae (2001) ...
  • Recognising meaning: semiotics in entrepreneurial research. 

    Smith, Robert; Anderson, Alistair R. (Edward Elgar, 2007)
    Entrepreneurship is a process which involves discontinuity and change; entrepreneurs create disequilibria and exploit the resulting change. Thus, entrepreneurship is in essence change. This fundamental characteristic of ...
  • Experts' views on success factors for high tech start ups - lessons from Israel. 

    Chorev, Schaul; Anderson, Alistair R. (Emerald, 2008)
    Beyond the widely acknowledged importance of new business, the role of young exporting high-tech business in Israel and many other small economies is seen as vital for economic growth. Israel is small and geographically ...
  • The mechanisms and processes of entrepreneurial networks: continuity and change. 

    Dodd, Sarah Drakopoulou; Jack, Sarah L.; Anderson, Alistair R. (Emerald, 2006)
    The relevance of networks for entrepreneurship is now well established. However, despite the extent of work carried out there are still clear gaps in our understanding about how networks change and adapt over time and ...

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