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  • Pharmacist services for non-hospitalised patien ts 

    de Barra, Mícheál; Scott, Claire L.; Scott, Neil W.; Johnston, Marie; de Bruin, Marijn; Nkansah, Nancy; Bond, Christine; Matheson, Catriona I.; Rackow, Pamela; Williams, A. Jess; Watson, Margaret C. (Cochrane Collaboration, 2018-09-04)
    DE BARRA, M., SCOTT, C.L., SCOTT, N.W., JOHNSTON, M., DE BRUIN, M., NKANSAH, N., BOND, C.M., MATHESON, C.I., RACKOW, P., WILLIAMS, A.J. and WATSON, M.C. 2018. Pharmacist services for non-hospitalised patients. Cochrane database of systematic reviews [online], Issue 9, article number CD013102. Available from:
    Background: This review focuses on non-dispensing services from pharmacists, i.e . pharmacists in community, primary or ambulatory-care settings, to non-hospitalised patients, and is an update of a previously-published ...
  • Collecting contemporary science, technology and medicine. 

    Alberti, Samuel J. M. M.; Cox, Elsa; Phillipson, Tacye; Taubman, Alison (Taylor and Francis, 2018-07-22)
    ALBERTI, S.J.M.M., COX, E., PHILLIPSON, T. and TAUBMAN, A. 2018. Collecting contemporary science, technology and medicine. Museum management and curatorship [online], 33(5), pages 402-427. Available from:
    Museums are often associated exclusively with bygones. This can be problematic, especially for those who manage science, technology and medicine (STM) collections. In seeking to correct this misconception with contemporary ...