Recent Submissions

  • Social transport collaborative solutions: developing a social/community transport infrastructure for change funded projects and associated activity around reshaping care for older people (RCOP). 

    Gray, David; Cooper, Katie; Grinnall, Andy (Institute for Management, Governance & Society (IMaGeS), Robert Gordon University., 2014-07)
    “Transport services for health and social care are fragmented and there is a lack of leadership, ownership and monitoring of the services provided. The Scottish Government, Regional Transport Partnerships, councils, NHS ...
  • The e-harbours journey: Point of arrival; smart energy networks in the North Sea Region. 

    Verbeeck, Jef; Kuijper, Fred; Wellbrock, Philipp; Gray, David; Skog, Daniel; Schreuder, Jan; Kooistra, Sander (North Sea Region Programme., 2014-02)
    Background The European Union has agreed upon ambitious targets to address climate change, energy security and economic competitiveness. By 2020 primary energy consumption must be cut by 20% across Europe and the share ...
  • Electric Mobility: Point of Departure. 10 March 2011. 

    Gray, David (North Sea Region Programme., 2011-03)
    The organisations cooperating in e‐harbours investigate the potential of electric transport (both on land and on water) for the harbour regions of North West Europe. Current types of electric vehicles still have a short ...
  • Decoupling the link between economic growth, transport growth and carbon emissions in Scotland. 

    Gray, David; Anable, Jillian; Illingworth, Laura; Graham, Wendy (Scottish Government., 2006-08)
    Unlike most other sectors of the economy, transport energy consumption and carbon emissions are increasing. The transport sector accounted for about 17% of Scotland’s 17.6 million tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions in 2003 ...
  • Is an independent Scottish electricity system good for renewable energy and Scotland?: The DREUD Report on implications of the UK Government’s decisions on new nuclear power and Electricity Market Reform for the prospects of renewable energy in Scotland. 

    Toke, David; Strachan, Peter; Cowell, Richard; Ellis, Geraint; Sherry-Brennan, Fionnguala (Robert Gordon University, 2013)
  • The Scottish campus officer: past, present and future. 

    Frondigoun, Liz; Smith, Robert; MacLeod, Iain (Scottish Institute for Policing Research, 2013-06)
  • Tourism network sector survey report 2011 

    Atorough, Peter (Aberdeen & Grampian Chamber of Commerce, 2012-08)
    Member’s needs are at the heart of the work of the Aberdeen and Grampian Chamber of Commerce and, as a result, we have formed a range of sector-interest groups from within our membership of more than 1,200 organisations ...
  • North-east third sector survey 2012 

    Atorough, Peter (Aberdeen & Grampian Chamber of Commerce, 2013-01)
    The aim of this survey is to highlight the importance of the Third Sector and deliver a general overview of the services provided including social and health care, social enterprise and trading. Our conclusion is that ...
  • North-east renewable energy sector survey 2011 

    Atorough, Peter (Aberdeen & Grampian Chamber of Commerce, 2013-01)
    The aim of this survey is to discover how businesses view renewable energy in the region, as well as the potential role that this region can play in delivering the targets and objectives of both the UK and Scottish ...
  • North-east transport survey 2012 

    Atorough, Peter (Aberdeen & Grampian Chamber of Commerce, 2012-08)
    The aim of this survey is to highlight the importance of transport and deliver a general overview of the services provided. Our conclusion is that transport providers in North-east Scotland are generally positive and ...
  • North-east property survey 2012 

    Atorough, Peter (Aberdeen & Grampian Chamber of Commerce., 2012)
    Businesses are optimistic about the future, expecting to achieve their overall objectives and to see both turnover and profits increase. They see opportunity in their sector with over 40% stating that they plan to grow ...
  • North-east food & drink sector survey 2011. 

    Atorough, Peter (Aberdeen & Grampian Chamber of Commerce, 2012-08)
    The aim of this survey is to highlight the importance of the food and drink industry as a commercial contributor to the overall Scottish economy. In 2009, the national partnership, Scotland Food and Drink, set renewed ...
  • North-east finance survey 2012 

    Atorough, Peter (Aberdeen & Grampian Chamber of Commerce, 2012-09)
    Customer trust and confidence in the North-east’s finance sector appears to be recovering, but overall public perception of the sector is still negative according to this survey. Finance businesses continue to struggle ...
  • North-east culture & creative survey 2012. 

    Atorough, Peter (Aberdeen & Grampian Chamber of Commerce., 2012)
    This report aims to highlight the importance of the cultural and creative industries to North-east Scotland. 2012 is the Year of Creative Scotland, reflecting the Scottish Government’s aspiration to make Scotland one of ...
  • Delivering practice based stories of small and medium enterprise. 

    Smith, Robert; Juwah, Charles (Chartered Management Institute, 2012-06)
    Traditionally delivering academic input to members of the small and medium enterprise community can be problematic because the material is often considered too theoretical or is skewed towards delivery to post graduate or ...
  • Benevolent gang leaders, commercial escapees and sleepers: a conceptual framework for Scottish social enterprise leadership engaging with the ‘new society’. 

    Brown, Mary; Fulford, Heather; Grist, Abi; McDonald, Seonaidh (Robert Gordon University, 2011-01)
    This exploratory research study examines the experiences of a purposive sample of leaders of Social Enterprises (SEs) in Scotland to discover how leaders deal with the challenges of running this type of organisation at ...
  • Reflections of career, perceptions of maternity leave: a pilot study using narrative analysis. 

    McDougall, Basia Halina (Robert Gordon University, 2010-11)
    Maternity leave is linked to role-conflict and gender discrimination in the workplace. Decisions on working life at this time are unavoidable; it is a natural time for self reflection. It is a time when work and career ...
  • Writing and publishing qualitative research: some basic advice for early career scholars. 

    Smith, Robert (Robert Gordon University, 2010-03)
    Qualitative writing is increasing within entrepreneurship research circles. However, writing up qualitative research for publication can be a daunting prospect particularly for early career researchers and PhD candidates ...
  • 'The Prayer Factory': spirituality at work, and the paradoxes of performativity, monoculturalism and dissent. 

    Tourish, Dennis; Tourish, Naheed (The Robert Gordon University., 2008-12)
    Recent years have witnessed a significant growth of academic and practitioner interest in ‘spirituality’ within the workplace, and in particular in spirituality management and leadership development. This paper argues ...

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