Recent Submissions

  • A comparison of various approaches for using probabilistic dependencies in language modeling. 

    Bruza, Peter D.; Song, Dawei (ACM, 2003-08)
    The goals of this article is to study several estimates of relevance models which will be computed based on differing approaches for incorporating term dependency information. In this way, we hope to shed light on the ...
  • A latent variable model for query expansion using the hidden Markov model. 

    Huang, Qiang; Song, Dawei (ACM, 2008-10)
    We propose a novel probabilistic method based on the Hid- den Markov Model (HMM) to learn the structure of a Latent Variable Model (LVM) for query language modeling. In the proposed LVM, the combinations of query terms ...
  • Dimensionality reduction for dimension-specific search. 

    Huang, Zi; Shen, Heng Tao; Zhou, Xiaofang; Song, Dawei; Ruger, Stefan (ACM, 2007)
    Dimensionality reduction plays an important role in efficient similarity search, which is often based on k-nearest neighbor (k-NN) queries over a high-dimensional feature space. In this paper, we introduce a novel type ...

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