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  • Askesis and organizational culture. 

    Halsall, Robert; Brown, Mary (SAGE, 2013-03)
    HALSALL, R. and BROWN, M., 2013. Askesis and organizational culture. Organization, 20 (2), pp. 233-255.
    This article makes the case for the contribution of the cultural theory of Sloterdijk and the tradition of philosophical anthropology on which it is based to an understanding of the processes of culture formation in ...
  • Employee reactions to management communication: a study of operations personnel in the oil industry. 

    Tsiontsi, Nikoletta (Robert Gordon University Department of Communication, Marketing and Media, 2012-05)
    Based on an intense small scale study which observed a small team of operations personnel who work in a telecommunications company within the oil industry, this thesis examined employee reactions to management communication. ...
  • Negotiating meaning in the consumption of the past. 

    Smith, Fiona; Brown, Mary (Intellect., 2014-10)
    SMITH, F. and BROWN, M., 2014. Negotiating meaning in the consumption of the past. Journal of Fandom Studies, 2 (2), pp. 147-161.
    The Internet and social networking technologies have facilitated communication between groups of retrophiles or fans of the past. The article seeks to examine motivations for retrophilic action and to discuss these ideas ...