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  • Are design-led innovation approaches applicable to SMEs? 

    Gulari, Melehat Nil; Fremantle, Chris (The Design Society., 2015-09)
    This study analyses the design discourse and approaches in order to identify whether design-led innovation approaches are applicable to SMEs. It discusses the number of concepts that are widely used in design including ...
  • The post disciplinary digital practitioner. 

    Malins, Julian Paul; Pengelly, Jon; Marshall, John (Design Society, 2007-09)
    As new models of digital practice emerge, new pedagogies are being developed which are adopting a transdisciplinary approach to learning. The paper examines the concept of transdisciplinarity drawing on a range of examples ...
  • Textile lab: connecting design innovation with manufacture. 

    Steed, Josie (Robert Gordon University., 2009-04)
    This paper reports on the Textile Lab project as a case study focusing on the role of design innovation in relation to the challenges facing today’s Scottish textile manufacturing industry. This research aims to explore ...
  • Engaging the future. 

    MacDonald, Stuart (2014-08-13)
    Whilst design thinking and user needs and experience remain important to the debate about design and design as a driver of innovation, this paper suggests that greater attention should be given to the increasing importance ...
  • Suburbanomics – creativity and innovation at the edge. 

    MacDonald, Stuart (2014-08-13)
    The basis of this paper is that we have prioritised the city centre and its planning sometimes to the impoverishment of the “suburbs” or outlying areas, despite the fact that most of us live there. Away from the headline ...
  • Values and assumptions in the concept of cultural leadership. 

    Price, Jonathan; Harris, Paul; Douglas, Anne (IAFOR (The International Academic Forum), 2013-07)
    Cultural leadership is still a young concept in cultural policy and academic study. Emerging as a sectoral concern in the UK around 2002, its early development as both practice and discourse took place during a time of ...
  • Cultivating creativity: building the creative and cultural industries of North East Scotland. 

    Harris, Paul (2011-05-20)
    Keynote speech delivered at Cultivating Creativity, Sowing Seeds: Growing Networks Conference, held at Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen on 20th May 2011.
  • Innovation by design: using design thinking to support SMEs. 

    Malins, Julian Paul (University of Porto, School of Fine Arts/European Academy of Design., 2011-05)
    Small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs) are generally clear on the need for innovation; however they are very often less clear on how innovation can be brought about. One possible reason for this may be because of a ...
  • Transformative design thinking: a human-centred model for innovation. 

    Malins, Julian Paul (University of Gothenberg, 2013-04)
    In recent years there have been a number of Innovation Centres established in the UK and associated funding calls to support the development of new ones, however there is no common theoretical framework, which underpins ...
  • Towards an evolutionary understanding on the success of participatory design. 

    Gulari, Melehat Nil; Boru, Asli; Malins, Julian Paul (Design Society., 2011-09)
    The notion of `participation, and the democratization of design' is not just a movement for social innovation but it is also a powerful methodology for the innovation of products and services. However, the complicated ...
  • Projectspace: linking design education with business. 

    Malins, Julian Paul; Murray, Annette (Design Society., 2011-09)
    Design graduates are increasingly called upon to work in cross-disciplinary ways in order to respond to the challenges of designing services and products. Working in multidisciplinary teams on live projects involving ...
  • Designing a sustainable future: a new approach to influence design practice. 

    Cull, Kirsty; Malins, Julian Paul (University of Barcelona., 2003-04)
    This paper questions the basis of a sustainable approach to product design in an attempt to clarify the key issues which are liable to influence the outcome of the development of new products. The paper describes ...
  • The Virtual Design Studio: developing new tools for learning, practice and research in design. 

    Malins, Julian Paul; Gray, Carole; Pirie, Ian; Cordiner, Stewart; McKillop, Chris (University of Barcelona., 2003-04)
    The emergence of new networked technologies such as virtual learning environments (VLE’s) and digital libraries are providing opportunities for the development of new virtual tools to assist the design researcher ...
  • Designing creativity tools to support business innovation. 

    Malins, Julian Paul; Grant, Graham (Desire Network., 2010-08)
    There are a wide range of approaches and organizations, which have the common aim of supporting SME‟s to deliver new products and services. This paper examines the various approaches which have been taken and in particular ...
  • Craft connexity: developing a sustainable model for future craft education. 

    Malins, Julian Paul; Press, Mike; McKillop, Chris (Robert Gordon University., 2004-09)
    “Craft is an anachronism – discuss …” Some twenty-five years ago, on applying for a place at a college of art to study ceramics, Julian was asked to write an essay on the above topic. Naturally he was keen to impress ...
  • A grand day out: empathic approaches to design. 

    Malins, Julian Paul; McDonagh, Deana (Design Society., 2008-09)
    Design education is facing some interesting and challenging times. Students need to be equipped with all the necessary designing skills, whilst being effective interdisciplinary team players and sensitive design researchers. ...
  • Reinterpreting the craft object. 

    Peach, Andrea; Rew, Christine (Edinburgh College of Art., 2002-11)
    How does an art gallery make its collection more accessible and meaningful to students of design and craft today? How can today’s students be persuaded that galleries are not simply places ‘full of old stuff’, but instead ...
  • Meaningful engagement: computer-based interactive media art in public space. 

    Her, Jiun-Jhy; Hamlyn, Jim (Springer The original publication is available at, 2010)
    Interactive technologies, including electronic devices are increasingly being utilized as a medium for artistic expression and have been placed in freely accessible public environments with mixed results. When audiences ...
  • Adjusting sensibilities: researching artistic value 'on the edge'. 

    Douglas, Anne; Delday, Heather (University of Barcelona, 2003-04)
    An understanding of the relationship between systems of production and systems of value in the visual arts is essential to the production of new sustainable approaches to creativity. Contexts for working situated ‘on ...
  • When is the artist a creative leader? : a provisional framework. 

    Douglas, Anne; Fremantle, Chris (Littoral, 2006-09)

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